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Amphotericin B, Streptomyces nodosus
Actinomycin DActinomycin D
Bovine Serum Albumin,Cell Culture Tested
L-Alanyl-Glutamine, Cell culture testedL-Alanyl-Glutamine, Cell culture tested
Sodium Pyruvate Solution,100mM
Sodium Bicarbonate 7.5% Solution
Hank's Balanced Salts
Earle's Balanced Salts
Kanamycin MonosulfateKanamycin Monosulfate
MEM-Opti Plus, Reduced Serum Media
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Ceracryo Xeno-Free Cell Freezing MediaCeracryo Xeno-Free Cell Freezing Media
Tranfferrin, Human Recombinant, Cell culture tested
Williams' Medium E without L-Glutamine
MEM Alpha, With L-Glutamine, No Nucleosides
MEM Alpha , With L-Glutamine and Nucleosides
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MEM With Earle's Salts and L-Glutamine
Medium 199 With Earle's Salts with Phenol Red
McCoy's 5A Media (Modified), With L-Glutamine
Leibovitz's L-15 Media, With L-Glutamine

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