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DMEM/Ham's F-12 (1:1 Mixture), With HEPES
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Cellmaxin, Anti-Mycoplasma, 10mg/mlCellmaxin, Anti-Mycoplasma, 10mg/ml
MCDB131 Media,No Phenol Red
MCDB131 Media, No Glucose, No Phenol Red
LIF, Human Recombinant , 1MIU/ml in DMEM
LIF, Mouse Recombinant , 10 MIU/ml
LIF, Mouse Recombinant , 1MIU/ml
Insulin, Human Recombinant, Cell culture tested
Human AB Serum, Male , Sterile Filtered
Eipdermal Growth Factor, Mouse Recombinant, E.Coli
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Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, Human Recombinant, CHO,
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Transforming Growth Factor beta 1, Human Recombinant, CHO
MEM-OPTI Gold 500ml
Cell Freezing Media III 50mlCell Freezing Media III 50ml
Cell Freezing Media II
Fetal Bovine Serum, Charcoal Stripped
Cell Freezing Media I 50ml

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