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MYCORAZOR, Disinfectant Spray
Sepro Agarose LE TabletSepro Agarose LE Tablet
Save $45
West-Q Femto Clean ECL Solution 100mlWest-Q Femto Clean ECL Solution 100ml
West-Q Pico ECL SolutionWest-Q Pico ECL Solution
iVDye 50bp DNA LadderiVDye 50bp DNA Ladder
Save $70
iVDye 100bp DNA LadderiVDye 100bp DNA Ladder
Save $110
RIPA Cell Lysis Buffer (1X) with EDTARIPA Cell Lysis Buffer (1X) with EDTA
Save $116
amfiSure qGreen Q-PCR Master Mix(2X), High RoxamfiSure qGreen Q-PCR Master Mix(2X), High Rox
Save $161
Puredown Protein G-Agarose, BSA-Binding Site BlockedPuredown Protein G-Agarose, BSA-Binding Site Blocked
Save $118
Puredown Protein A-Agarose, BSA-Binding Site BlockedPuredown Protein A-Agarose, BSA-Binding Site Blocked
Xpert Prestained Protein Marker
Save $85
amfiSure PCR ONE PCR Master Mix(2X)amfiSure PCR ONE PCR Master Mix(2X)
amfiEco PCR PremixamfiEco PCR Premix
amfiEco Taq DNA PolymeraseamfiEco Taq DNA Polymerase
dNTP Mixtures ,10mM eachdNTP Mixtures ,10mM each
DMEM/Ham's F-12 (1:1 Mixture); No Phenol Red
Trypsin-EDTA(1X), 0.05%
Trypsin, 2.5%(10X)
Trypsin-EDTA(10X), 0.5%
Trypsin-EDTA(1X), 0.25%
L-Glutamine, 200mM(100X)
Antibiotic-Antimycotic (100X), Liquid
amfiRivert Reverse Transcriptase

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