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Protein Biochemistry Reagent

IMIDAZOLE, 99% , I5200

Cat No Size Price
I5200-025 25g $ 64 Add to cart
I5200-100 100g $ 165 Add to cart
I5200-500 500g $ 320 Add to cart
I5200-101 1kg $ 460 Add to cart

Trypsin, Mass & Sequencing Grade, T9600

  • Ultrapure, TPCK treatment followed by affinity purification Improved stability, Chemically modified to promote stability Resistant to autolysis , Chemically modified to remove autolysis Application qualified, Each lot is qualified by mass spectrometry
Expand for more details Store at -20℃
Cat No Size Price
T9600-025 25ug $ 67 Add to cart
T9600-100 100ug $ 118 Add to cart
T9600-400 4x100ug $ 433 Add to cart
T9600-112 12x100ug $ 1,154 Add to cart