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Microbiology Reagent

Yeast Extract, Y2007

  • CAS Number : 8013-01-2
  • Loss of Drying : < 5%
Collapse Store at 2-8℃
Cat No Size Price
Y2007-050 500 g $ 98.00 Add to cart
Y2007-250 2.5 Kg $ 310.00 Add to cart
Y2007-500 5 Kg $ 510.00 Add to cart
Coliforms Negative
E.coli Negative
Samonella Negative

Water soluble portion of autolyzed yeast with intact B-complex vitamins. Yeast extract is a mixture of amino acids, peptides, water soluble vitamins and carbohydrates and can be used as additive for culture media.

Yeast extract is used as a bacteriological media component for a variety of microorganisms and molecular genetics applications.