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Western Blotting Reagent

West-EZier Rapid Western Blotting Kit,Rabbit, W3820

  • Rapid & Reduced Step
  • Convenient & Economical
Collapse Store at 2-8℃
Cat No Size Price
W3820-010 10 mini blot $ 135.00 Add to cart
Convenience Rapid and reduced-step-protocol in about 55 min
Economical No expensive equipment and consumables required Cost as less as $5.9 per blot when you purchase bulk size
Compatibility Compatible with any brand ECL Solution GenDEPOT's West-Q ECL Platinum One Solution is highly recommended.
Application Western blotting
West-Ezier Rapid Western Kit contains optimized 
reagents which allows one hour rapid Western
protocol to replace the classical three-step Western
blot process, which takes at least four hours after the
gel transfer. West-EZier Rapid Western Kit provides 
optimized reagents for blocking, antibody dilution 
and washing. The West-EZier Rapid Western Kit 
requires minimal hands-on time and provides high 
signal with low background. West-EZier time and
provides high signal with low back ground.
West-EZier Rapid Western protocol is rapid and 
efficient method for developing Western blot 
without the need of purchase expensive instrument 
and consumables which required by other rapid 
Western blotting