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Western Blotting Reagent

West-Q Pico Dura ECL Solution, W3653

  • Greater Sensitivity and Stable Signal
  • Very Low Background
  • Excellent Signal Duration
  • Save on Antibody
Collapse Store at 2-8℃
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W3653-100 1L $ 310.00 Add to cart
Sensitivity Detect picogram amounts of protein, stable signal 30 sec to 5 min exposure
Background Superior signal to noise, least background without compromising signal intensity.
Duration Duration 1 hour of usable light-output
Application Western detection of protein
West-Q Pico Dura ECL Solution is a non-isotopic, luminol-based chemiluminescent substrate designed for the rapid and sensitive detection of peroxidase labeled-conjugates.Provides maximum sensitivity in blotting application by allowing detection in the picogram range. Most other femto level ECL solution has high background it even has ultra-sensitive detection level. 

GenDEPOT’s West-Q Pico Dura ECL Solution was designed to make Western detection of protein easier by providing the highest level of  sensitivity with the least amount of background in a chemiluminescent reagent system.