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Protein Isolation & Purification

HRV 3C Protease, T9800

  • Human Rhinovirus (HRV) 3C Protease is a recombinant cysteine protease used to remove fusion tags from proteins with the HRV 3C cleavage sequence and is dual tagged for easy removal from the sample after cleavage.
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Contents HRV3C Protease (2 units/μL), 500uL Reaction Buffer (10X), 10mL GST-Syk Fusion Protein (1μg/μL), 25 μL
Application Removal of purification tags from fusion proteins
HRV 3C Protease is fusion protein of GST and human rhinovirus (HRV) type 14 3C protease. Substrate recognition and cleavage are likely to be dependent not only upon primary structural signals, but also upon the secondary and tertiary structures of the fusion protein as it has been demonstrated that the enzyme
exhibits highest activity around neutral pH at temperature ranging from 22 to 37oC , even retaining robust activity at 4oC . Thus, cleavage can be performed at low temperature to enhance the stability of the target protein. The catalytic
activity is insensitive to organic solvents (up to 10%); however, it can be stronlgy stimulated by high concentration of anions such as sulfate.