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Biochemical Reagent

Tris Base, Ultra Pure , T9200

  • CAS No : 77-86-1
  • Formula : NH2C(CH2OH)3
  • MW : 121.14
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Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Purity Dried Basis By GC : ≥ 99.9 %
Application As a component of sample buffer during protein extraction prior to Western blotting
As a component of assay buffer during protein extraction prior to radioimmunoassay
For the saturation of microplate well prior to double sandwich ELISA
As a component of biological buffer

The pH values of all buffers are temperature- and concentration-dependent. For Tris buffers, pH increases about 0.03 unit per °C decrease in temperature, and decreases 0.03-0.05 unit per ten-fold dilution.

For precise applications, use a carefully calibrated pH meter with a glass/calomel combination electrode.