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Biochemical Reagent

TWEEN® 20 , T9100

  • CAS# : 9005-64-5
  • MW : ~1228
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Application Washing buffer and blocking buffer in Western blotting
Blocking buffer in immunohistochemistry
Washing buffer in ELISA
Reaction mixture in PCR

TWEEN 20 is a nonionic detergent widely used in biochemical applications. It has been used as an emulsifying agent for the preparation of stable oil-in-water emulsions. TWEEN 20 has been used in pre-extraction of membranes to remove peripheral proteins (used at 2% for extraction of membrane-bound proteins). 

TWEEN 20 has been used as a blocking agent for membrane based immunoassays at a typical concentration of 0.05%. TWEEN 20 can be used for lysing mammalian cells at a concentration of 0.005 to 0.5%.