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Protein Electrophoresis Reagent

10X Tris-Glycine SDS Buffer, T8053

  • 10X Concentrated Solution
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Concentration Diluted 10-fold in water, the solution yields 0.025M Tris, 0.192M glycine, 0.1% SDS, pH 8.5

10X Tris-Glycine SDS Buffer is ready to use without having to weigh and dissolve dry ingredients or to adjust the pH with concentrated acid or base. Simply dilute the stock solution with pure water and proceed with your experiment. The 10X Tris-Glycine-SDS Buffer makes 0.025M Tris, 0.192M glycine, 0.1% SDS, pH 8.5, when diluted to 1X with water. SDS is sodium dodecyl sulfate.