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ELISA Kit & Reagent

TMB Stop Buffer , T3552

  • Stable Stop Reaction
  • Increased Absorbance Values
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T3552-010 100 ml $ 28.00 Add to cart
T3552-050 500 ml $ 45.00 Add to cart
Peak Wavelengths 650 nm, unstopped, blue reaction product
450 nm, stopped, yellow reaction product
Reaction Temperature Room temperature
Increased Absorbance Values Use of a stop solution enhances sensitivity 2-4 fold and the resulting yellow solution can be read at 450 nm.
TMB Stop Buffer (TSB) offers a unique combination of acid that produces a more stable stopped reaction product than other formulations of H2SOor HCl. Stopped reactions show increased absorbance values of approximately two-fold over unstopped reactions with less than 3% drift over six hours.