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ELISA Kit & Reagent

TMB Substrate Solution, High Sensitivity , T3551

  • High Sensitivity
  • Single-Reagent Stabilized Form
  • Next to Zero Lot-to-Lot Variation Control
Collapse Store at 2-8℃
Cat No Size Price
T3551-005 50 ml $ 55.00 Add to cart
T3551-010 100 ml $ 98.00 Add to cart
T3551-050 500 ml $ 260.00 Add to cart
Peak Wavelengths 650 nm, unstopped, blue reaction product
450 nm, stopped, yellow reaction product
Reaction Temperature Room temperature
Substrate Concentration 2.08 mmol/L

This high sensitivity liquid substrate for peroxidase consists of Tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) plus dilute hydrogen peroxide in a single-reagent stabilized form. The reagent has been specifically formulated for measuring peroxidase in ELISA systems which is stable for long-term storage providing sensitivity greater than OPD.

This reagent is available as a single component, ready-to-use reagent. When used in conjunction with our proprietary TMB Stop Buffer (TSB), the resulting color product will not fade or darken for several hours.