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ELISA Kit & Reagent

TMB Substrate Solution, Standard , T3550

  • Standard Sensitivity
  • Single-Reagent Stabilized Form
  • Next to Zero Lot-to-Lot Variation Control
Collapse Store at 2-8℃
Cat No Size Price
T3550-010 100 ml $ 42.00 Add to cart
T3550-050 500 ml $ 175.00 Add to cart
Peak Wavelengths 650 nm, unstopped, blue reaction product
450 nm, stopped, yellow reaction product
Reaction Temperature Room temperature
Substrate Concentration 1.46 mmol/L

This aqueous non-hazardous liquid substrate is for peroxidase consists of Tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) plus dilute hydrogen peroxide in a single- reagent stabilized form.

The reagent has been specifically formulated for measuring eroxidase in which is stable for long-term storage providing sensitivity greater than OPD. This reagent is available as a single component, ready-to-use reagent. When used in conjunction with our proprietary TMB Stop Buffer (TSB), the resulting color product will not fade or darken for several hours. Our TMB products have been in production for over ten years and have built a reputation for robust performance, unparalleled stability and next to zero lot-to-lot variation. Each TMB formulation can be specifically engineered to meet the needs of your specific assay.