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PCR/RT-PCR Reagent

Taq DNA Polymerase, 5 units/ul, Ultrapur, T2016

  • Standard for routine PCR
  • Highly Purified by HPLC
  • 5 uints/ul
  • OEM Bulk Size Available
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Cat No Size Price
T2016-001 1000 units $ 85.00 Add to cart
T2016-005 5000 units $ 185.00 Add to cart
T2016-010 10,000 units $ 395.00 Add to cart
T2016-100 100,000 units $ 2,100.00 Add to cart
Contents Taq DNA Polymerase and 10X PCR Reaction Buffer
Source E.coli
Supplied in 10 mM Tris-HCl , 100 mM KCl,1 mM DTT, 0.1 mM EDTA
0.5% EDTA,30% glycerol , pH 7.4 at 25°C
10X PCR Reaction Buffer 100mM Tris-HCl , 50 mM KCl,20mM (NH4)2SO4,
15mM MgCl2 0.5% NP-40, pH 8.8 at 25°C
Unit Definition One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that will incorporate 15 nmol of dNTP into acid-insoluble material in 30 minutes at 75°C
Application PCR/RT-PCR Reagent
Taq DNA Polymerase is the industry standard for routine PCR. Taq with 10X PCR Buffer is available in economical extra-large pack sizes. GenDEPOT provides high quality recombinant Taq at an exceptional value. Taq DNA Polymerase is a thermostable DNA Polymerase that possesses a 5’->3’ polymerase activity and a
5’ flap endonuclease activity. 

GenDEPOT has developed a uniquely efficient, automated manufacturing and purification process. We are therefore able to offer large quantities of highly purified enzyme at previously unheard of prices.

GenDEPOT’s Taq Polymerase Ultrapure is free from DNA, DNAse and pyrogens, and guranteed to deliver the most sensitive and relable PCR experience possible.