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Western Blotting Reagent

West Ez Stripping Buffer, S2100

  • Robust But Gentle Method
  • Enable Several Reprobings
Collapse Store at 2-8℃
Cat No Size Price
S2100-006 60ml $ 20.00 Add to cart
S2100-050 500ml $ 98.00 Add to cart
S2100-100 2x500ml $ 170.00 Add to cart
Effective Formulation is more efficient at stripping antibodies than homemade buffers
Gentle Does not damage the target antigen during stripping allowing efficient reprobing
Economical Less expensive than other commercial stripping buffers
Application Western Blotting Reagnet
Nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes that have been probed by Western blotting procedures and detected by chemiluminescent or other non-precipitating substrates may be stripped and reprobed using West-Ez Stripping Buffer. Traditional stripping methods use conditions that are effective for only low-affinity antibody-antigen interactions or are so harsh conditions that they tend to adversely alter the antigen for subsequent immunoprobing. 

West-Ez Stripping Buffer provides a generally robust but gentle method for stripping primary and secondary antibodies from blots to enable several reprobings on the same membrane.