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DNA/RNA Purification Reagent

PureXtract RNAsol RNA Isoltaion Solution, R6101

  • - Easily scalable RNA isolation
  • - Works with many sources
  • : human, plant, yeast, bacterial, or viral
  • - Better yields
  • - High purity RNA Purification
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Versatility Isolation of RNA, DNA, and protein from the same sample
Capability facilitates immediate and effective inhibition of RNase activity, while lysing cells and eliminating other cellular components
Application RNA Isolation
PureXtract RNAsol is a complete and ready -to-use 
reagent for the isolation of total RNA or the 
simultaneous isolation of RNA, DNA and proteins from 
samples of human, animal, plant, yeast , bacteria, and 
viral origin.

PureXtract RNASol combines phenol and guanidine
thiocyanate in a mono-phase solution to facilitate
the imediate and most effective method of RNA 

It isolates a whole spectrum of RNA molecules rarely 
observed in RNA isolated by other methods may 
artificially change the mRNA composition. 

The entire procedure cab be completed in 1 hr and
the recovery of undegraded mRNAs is 30-150% greater
than with other methods of RNA isolation. PureXtract 
RNAsol isolates high quality RNA from diverse 
biological material, including animal and plant tissues 
rich in polysaccharides and proteoglycans.