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PCR/RT-PCR Reagent

amfiRivert Platinum One cDNA Synthesis Master Mix(4X), R6100

  • All-In-One (Ready-to-use)
  • High Yield of Intact Full-length
  • cDNA up to 17.8kb
  • Full Activity at 40-60oC
  • for Increased Specificity
  • Mixed Priming Eliminates End-bais
Collapse Store at -20℃
Cat No Size Price
R6100-050 50 rxns $ 185.00 Add to cart
R6100-100 2X50 rxns $ 320.00 Add to cart
R6100-200 4x50 rxns $ 540.00 Add to cart
R6100-500 10X50 rxns $ 1,020.00 Add to cart
Convenience Ready-to-use mixtures that include RT, RNase Inhibitor Plus, dNTP mix, MgCl2 , Oligo dT(18) and Random Hexamer.
Eliminates End-bais Optimized primer mix which results in the generation of first-strand cDNAs from an entire transcript without the end-bias observed with typical oligo(dT)n or random hexamer primers.

This mixed primer strategy overcomes variability in real-time PCR gene expression analysis that can result from using different individual primers.
Specificity Fully active 40-60oC, providing increase specificity and the highest cDNA yield
Application cDNA synthesis reagent
amfiRivert cDNA One cDNA Synthesis Platinum Master Mix (4X) is specially designed for high-yield Reverse transcription system that all provides components needed for cDNA synthesis. 
The master mix produces excellent results in both real-time and conventional RT-PCR. amfiRivert Platinum One cDNA Master Mix (4X) is fully active at 45-55 oC, providing the higher cDNA yields and successful cDNA synthesis for diffucult RNA  transcription.

amfiRivert Platinum One cDNA Synthesis Master Mix (4X) includes an optimized primer mix which results in the generation of first -strand cDNAs from an entire transcript without the end-bias observed with typical oligo (dT)n or random hexamer primers. This mixed primer strategy over-comes variability in real-time PCR gene expression analysis that can result from using different individual primers. 

For convenience, amfiRivert PlatinumOne cDNA Synthesis Master Mix (4X) contains a amfiRivert Reverse Transcriptase, RNase Inhibitor Plus, MgCl2 and dNTP Mixtures, and optimized primer mix (Oligo(dT)18/RandomHexamer) minimizing extra optimization an pipetting steps.