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DNA/RNA Purification Reagent

gRazor, Genomic DNA Removal Enzyme Mix(5X), 100ul, R5800

  • Fast & Convenient
  • High Specificity
  • Easily Heat-Inactivated
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Convenience Removes rapidly contaminating genomic DNA from RNA preparation prior to reverse transcription and completely inactivated at moderately high temperatures.
Specificity gRazor is completely inactivated at moderately high temperature without adding any other inactivation reagent such as EDTA.
Includes An optimized dsDNase and RNase Inhibitor Plus mix which results in RNA protection as well as removing contaminated genomic DNA.
Application Genomic DNA Removal Labwear
gRazor removes contaminating genomic DNA from RNA preparation prior to reverse transcription. This innovative product is based on the recombinant heat labile dsDNase, which is irreversibly inactivated at low  temperatures. This enables inactivation at 65oC, which is gentle enough to preserve both quality and quantity of all present RNA. amfiRivert gDNA Knock-out include an optimized dsDNA and RNase 
Inhibitor Plus mix which result in RNA protection as well as removing contaminated genomic DNA.