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PureSelect Protein A/G Agarose Fast-Flow, P9303

  • Rrotein A/G
  • 20mg Sheep IgG and 38mg Human/ml
  • 50% slurry
Collapse Store at 2-8℃
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P9303-050 50ml $ 1.00 Add to cart
Ligand Recombinant Streptococcal protein A/G lacking the albumin binding sites expressed in E. coli
Binding Capacity > 20mg sheep IgG and 30mg human IgG/ml
Resin Volume 90mm (45-165mm)
GenDEPOT Protein A/G-Agarose is an affinity chromatography medium designed for easy, one-step purification of classes, subclasses and fragments of immunoglobulins from biological fluids and from cell culture media. The recombinant protein A/G ligand is coupled to highly cross-linked agarose. The dynamic binding capacity will vary depending on several factors such as target antibody, flow rate etc. Protein A/G also binds well to IgG subclasses but does not bind IgA,IgM or serum albumin. This makes Protein A/G an excellent tool for purification and detection of monoclonal antibodies from IgG subclasses, without interference from IgA, IgM and serum albumin. Individual subclasses of monoclonals are likely to have a stronger affinity to the chimeric Protein A/G than to either Protein A or Protein G.