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Puredown Protein A/G-Agarose, BSA-Binding Site Blocked, P9203

  • Reduced Background
  • Convenient
  • Low Cost
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Cat No Size Price
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Reduced Background Minus albumin-binding region to reduce non-specific binding.
Convenient Ready to use for immunoprecipitation procedures
Low Cost Cost less than other competitor Protein A/G-Agarose
Concentration 4% cross-linked agarose
Binding Capacity > 18-35mg/ml Human IgG
Protein A/G contains four Fc binding domains from Protein A and two from Protein G. Protein A/G binds to all human IgG subclasses, making it the ideal choice for purification of polyclonal or monoclonal IgG antibodies whose subclasses have not been determined. Protein A/G also binds well to all mouse IgG subclasses but does not bind mouse IgA, IgM or serum albumin. This makes Protein A/G an excellent tool for purification and detection of mouse monoclonal antibodies from IgG subclasses, without interference from IgA, IgM and murine serum albumin. Individual subclasses of mouse monoclonals are likely to have a stronger affinity to the chimeric Protein A/G than to either Protein A or Protein G.

Puredown Protein A/G is covalently coupled to highly cross-linked agarose bead. This product is provided preblocked with fatty acid free bovine serum albumin and have been extensively washed to reduce non-specific binding. Formulations are ready to use and 10ul of agarose per 1ug of primary antibody can be used in standard immunoprecipitation procedures.