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Protein Assay Reagent

Bicinchoninic Acid Protein Assay Reagent A, P8101

  • Colorimetric
  • Compatible
  • Moderately Fast
  • High Linearity
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Sensitivity Detect down to 5 µg/mL with the enhanced protocol
Linearity Linear working range for BSA equals 20 to 2000 µg/mL
Bicinchoninic(BCA) Acid  Protein Assay provides accurate determination of protein concentration with most sample types encountered in protein research. Bicinchoninic(BCA) Acid  Protein Assay can be used to assess yields in whole cell lysates and affinity-column fractions, as well as to monitor protein contamination in industrial applications. Compared to most dye-binding methods, the BCA Assay is affected much less by protein compositional differences, providing greater protein-to-protein uniformity.