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Protein Assay Reagent

ProsiBlue Gel Staining Solution, P7300

  • Ready-to-Use
  • Safe & Fast gel saining
  • Detect 5 to 500 ng linear range
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GenDEPOT's ProsiBlue Gel Staining Solution is a convenient alternative to traditional Coomassie blue staining procedures. Coomassie blue staining requires a methanol and acetic acid solution to achieve staining and destaining. This process increases the risk for hazardous exposure and produces and unpleasant pungent odor. ProsiBlue Gel Staining Solution does not contain methanol and acetic acid and does not require hazardous solvents for destaining. This simple staining/destaining procedure saves time as well as reducing the handling of hazardous materials.  

ProsiBlue Gel Staining Solution is a low-cost,fast, convenient and easy-to-use for protein gel staining.