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Protein Assay Reagent

Bradford(Coomassie) Protein Assay Plus Kit, BSA 5 x 1ml, P7200

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Bradford(Coomassie) Protein Assay Plus Reagent is designed for rapid and accurate estimation of total protein concentration in solution. The bradford (Coomassie) protein assay relies on the formation of complexes between coomassie brilliant Blue G-250 dye and proteins in solution. This binding causes
a shift in the absorption maximum of the dye from 465 nm to 595 nm. The concentration of the protein sample is determined by referencing the absorption to a series of standard protein dilutions assayed in parallel.
The quantification procedure is simple and rapid. The protein sample is mixed with the reagent at room temperature, the absorbance of the solutions is measured at 595 nm. The absorption at 595nm is proportional to the amount of protein present in the solution. The dye binding process is complete in
approximately 5 min with color stability for 1 hour. The working range of the Bradford(Coomassie) Protein Assay Plus Reagent is 1 ~ 2000 ug/ml of protein.