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PCR/RT-PCR Reagent

amfiSure Advanced PCR Master Mix(2X), P2311

  • Amplify up to 3Kb Genomic DNA
  • Enhanced Yield & Enhanced Specificity
  • Easy-to-See, Easy-to-Loading
  • Consistent Result
  • High Performance
Collapse Store at -20℃
Cat No Size Price
P2311-025 5x50 rxns $ 85.00 Add to cart
P2311-050 10x50 rxns $ 128.00 Add to cart
P2311-125 15x50 rxns $ 172.00 Add to cart
P2311-250 50x50 rxns $ 520.00 Add to cart
P2311-500 100x50 rxns $ 910.00 Add to cart
Robust PCR Amplify up to 3Kb Genomic DNA
Direct Loading Load directly to gel from thermocycler No additional loading buffer needed Separates into 2 colors during gel electrophoresis
High Performance Higher Specificity/ Higher Yield / Higher Fidelity
Application Robust Routin PCR
Mouse tail Genotyping PCR

amfiSure Advanced PCR Master Mix is ready-to-use mixtures that include all of the reagents needed for PCR. amfiSure Advanced PCR Master Mix provides superior yields in both routine and challenging PCR application. Using advanced amfiSure PCR Master Mix in routine and challenging PCR reduces smearing and virtually eliminates unwanted background artifacts. amfiSure Advanced PCR Master Mix has been optimized for amplifying DNA template up to 3kb. amfiSure Advanced PCR Master Mix contains red and yellow loading dyes to allow loading of PCR product directly on a gel after thermal cycling, minimizing pipetting steps and providing easy visualization of sample.

The red dye runs in a range between 500bp (2% gel) and 1500bp (0.8% gel) and the yellow dye runs at less than 10bp. amfiSure Advanced PCR Master Mix contains a fixed MgCl2 concentration of 1.5 mM. However, higher concentra-tions of MgCl2 may be achieved by adding additional MgCl2.