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DNA/RNA Purification Reagent

Proteinase K, P2180

  • Activity: >30 units/mg solid
  • White crystalline powder
  • DNase and RNase Free
Collapse Store at 2-8℃
Cat No Size Price
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P2180-050 500 mg $ 240.00 Add to cart
P2180-100 1 g $ 350.00 Add to cart
Molecular Weight 28,500
CAS # 39450-01-6
Unit Dedinition One unit of enzyme liberates Folin-positive amino acid peptides corresponding to 1umol tyrosine in 1min at 37 ℃ using denatured hemoglobin as substrate.

Proteinase K is a non-specific serine protease having a very high specific activity. It is used to purify target material from contaminating proteins, for the isolation of mRNA or high molecular weight DNA and to inactivate other enzymatic activities. Proteinase K is active with or without the presence of SDS, EDTA and urea.

Proteinase K is stable in a wide variety of detergents and buffer salts and at various temperatures and pH. The isoelectric point of proteinase K is 8.9.

Proteinase K is typically used at a concentration of 50-100 μg/ml. It is active with or without the presence of SDS, urea, EDTA or various metal ions, but the activity of proteinase K can be increased by adding the denaturing agents and the structure of proteinase K can be stabilized by addition of Ca 2+. Proteinase K is inactivated by heating to 95°C for 10 minutes or using an inhibitor such as PMSF, AEBSF or DFP.