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PCR/RT-PCR Reagent

amfiEco PCR Premix , P0702

  • Ready-to-Use PCR Premix
  • Enhanced Yield and Enhance Specificity
  • Easy-to-See, Easy-to-Loading
  • Consistent Result
Collapse Store at -20℃
Cat No Size Price
P0702-096 96 rxns $ 60.00 Add to cart
P0702-480 5x96 rxns $ 270.00 Add to cart
P0702-960 10x96 rxns $ 405.00 Add to cart
Robust PCR Amplify up to 3Kb Genomic DNA
Direct Loading Load directly to gel from thermocycler No additional loading buffer needed Separates into 2 colors during gel electrophoresis
Application Robust Routin PCR
amfiEco PCR Premix combines amfiEco Taq DNA Polymerase Mix with all the reagents required for successful PCR, premixed and dried in single-use aliquots. The lyophilized format eliminates the need to thaw reagents. To perform PCR, simply add water, primers, and template to resuspend the reaction mixture, and cycle.

For added convenience, amfiEco PCR Premix contains a premixed red and yellow loading dyes to allow loading of PCR product directly on a gel after thermal cycling, minimizing pipetting steps and providing easy visualization of sample. The final volume of each reaction, including primers, template, and water, is 25ul.