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PCR/RT-PCR Reagent

amfiEco Taq DNA Polymerase, P0701

  • Up to 3Kb Genomic DNA
  • Robust Routine PCR
  • dNTP Included in 2X PCR Buffer
  • Red & Yellow Gel Loading Dye Included
  • MgCl2 Included and Optimized
Collapse Store at -20℃
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Contents amfiEco Taq DNA Polymerase, 1u/ul
amfiEco 2X Reaction Buffer
Application Routine Robust PCR

amfiEco Taq DNA Polymerase is a thermostable DNA polymerase that possesses a 5' -> 3' polymerase activity and a double-strand specific 5' ->3' exonuclease activity. 2X amfiEco PCR Master buffer including dNTPs and Mg++ minimises reagents handling steps and reduce the risk of contamination.

To perform PCR, simply add water, primers and template to resuspend the reaction mixture, and cycle. For added convenience, amfiEco Taq DNA Polymerase contains red and yellow loading dyes to allow loading of PCR product directly on a gel after thermal cycling, minimizing pipetting steps and providing easy visualization of sample. The red dye runs in a range between 500bp (2% gel) and 1500bp(0.8% gel) and the yellow dye runs at less than 10bp.