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Molecular Biology Reagent

NUCLEAZOR, DNA & RNA Decontamination Solution, N5000

  • Non-Alkaline, Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Carcinogenic
  • Eliminates DNA & RNA Contamination
  • Ready-to-Use
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Non Hazardous NUCLEAZOR is an non-alkaline, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic cleaning solution that is highly active against DNA & RNA contamination.
Very Stable and Heat Resistant NUCLEAZOR is very stable and heat resistant, unlike many competitors products which are not stable and quickly loose their DNA & RNA decontamination activity.
NUCLEAZOR, DNA & RNA Decontamination Solution is a non-alkaline, noncorrosive and non-carcinogenic cleaning solution that is highly active against DNA & RNA contamination. The solution contains a surfactant plus an agent that destroys DNA & RNA residual contaminant. NUCLEAZOR is ready-to-use for eliminating DNA & RNA from any surface including the interior of microcentrifuge tubes. By following the simple decontamination instruction below DNA & RNA is completely removed. Prolonged contact of NUCLEAZOR with skin may cause irritation; therefore, gloves should always be worn.