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Protein Isolation & Purification

AffiPure Ni-NTA Agarose Bead, N3505

  • Purification of HIS-Tagged Protein
  • High Binding Affinity
  • High Capacity
  • Up to 95% Pure Protein
Collapse Store at 2-8℃
Cat No Size Price
N3505-010 10 ml $ 135.00 Add to cart
N3505-025 25 ml $ 305.00 Add to cart
N3505-050 50 ml $ 560.00 Add to cart
N3505-100 100 ml $ 1,020.00 Add to cart
Bead Size 50 ~ 170 uM
Agarose % 6% Agarose
Binding 50 mg/ml gel
Ligand Nitrilotriacetic Acid (NTA)
Antimicrobial agent 15% Ethanol

AffiPure Ni-NTA Agarose Bead is an affinity chromatography matrix for purifying recombinant proteins carrying a His tag. Histidine residues in the His-tag bind to the vacant positions in the coordination sphere of the immobilized nickel ions with high specificity and affinity.