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DNA Electrophoresis Reagent

10X Loading Buffer, L0504

  • 2 Color Tracking
  • No DNA Masking Exposure to UV light
  • DNase & RNase Free
Collapse Store at 2-8℃
Cat No Size Price
L0504-005 5x1 ml $ 20.00 Add to cart
Composition 0.25% Bromophenol blue(w/v)
0.25% Xylene cyanol FF(w/v)
10 mM EDTA
1.0% SDS
50% Glycerol

Gel loading buffer is used as a tracking dye during electrophoresis. The dye has a slight negative charge and will migrate the same direction as DNA, allowing the user to monitor the progress of molecules moving through the gel. The rate of migration varies with gel composition.