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Protein Isolation & Purification

Xpert Total Histone Extraction Kit, H7200

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Uses: The Xpert Total Histone Extraction Kit is suitable for a quick preparation of total histone extracts from mammalian cells and tissue samples.
Input Amount: The minimal amount of starting materials can be as low as 10⁵ cells or 1mg of tissue. For the best results, the cell number should be greater than 10⁶ cells or the tissue amount should be greater than 10mg. A total of 100 standard extractions (use 10⁷ cells or per 100mg of tissue per extraction) can be performed with this kit. 
Yield: Yield of the total histone proteins can be up to 0.4mg per 10⁷ cells or per 100mg tissue. The yield may vary depending on the cell or tissue type. Precautions: To avoid cross-contamination, carefully pipette the sample or sol ution into the strip wells. Use aerosol-barrier pipette tips and always change pipette tips between liquid transfers. Wear gloves throughout the entire procedure. In case of contact between gloves and sample, change gloves immediately.