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Cell/Tissue Culture

DMEM/Ham's F-12 (1:1 Mixture), No HEPES, No Phenol Red, CM020

  • With L-Glutamine
  • No HEPES
  • No Phenol Red
Collapse Store at 2-8℃
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D-Glucose 3151 mg/L
L-Glutamine 365 mg/L
Sodium Pyruvate 55 mg/L
Phenol Red No Phenol Red
Since Harry Eagle's first reports, studies have been underway to determine the media requirements for individual cell types. The medium found to be most satisfactory for these studies as a 1:1 mixture of Dulbecco's Modified Eagle's Medium (DMEM) and Ham's F-12 Nutrient Mixture. To help compensate for the buffering capacity lost with the removal of serum, HEPES has been added in some modifications at a final concentration of 15 mM.