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Biochemical Reagent

Phorbol 13-Acetate, >99% , BC066

  • M.Wt : 406.47
  • Formula : C22H30O7
  • Solubility : Soluble in DMSO,Ethanol
  • Purity : >99%
  • Cas No : 32752-29-7
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Phorbol 13-Acetate (P13A) mimics the effects of PMA on mouse ear erythema and in many in vitro assays. However, the potency of P13A for these effects is very low, in the range of >100 uM. As a consequence, some researchers, accustomed to observing biological responses to PMA at concentration of 1 nM to 1uM, have erred in stating that P13A is inactive as a PKC activator.