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Biochemical Reagent

Fasudil, Monohydrochloride Salt, >99%, BC028

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Fasudil, Monohydrochloride Salt is a cell-permeable, selective ROCK inhibitor which induces neuroprotection in vitro. Studies suggest that when acting as a ROCK inhibitor, Fasudil reduces neutrophil transendothelial migration by dimi -nishing cytoskeletal rearrangement of endothelial cells. In addtion, Fasudil sig -nificantly protects against MeHg-induced axonal cytoskeletal rearrangment of endothelial cells. 
In addition, Fasudil significantly protects against MeHg-induced axonal degeneration and apoptotic cell death in cultured cortical neurons. Alternate studies show that Fasudil plays an important role in osteoblastic differ -entiation of stromal cells via increasing the mRNA expression of collagen-I, osteocalcin, and bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2). Furthermore, noggin, a BSMP-2 antagonist can reverse the effects on Fasudil induced mRNA expression of collagen-l and osterocalcin. Upon inhibition of Rho-kinase, Fasudil significantly stimulates FGF-2-induced accumulation of vascular enthothlial growth factor (VEGF).