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Cyclopamine, >99% , BC019

  • CAS No 4449-51-8
  • Formula : C27H41NO2
  • MW : 411.62
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IC50 46 nM in TM3Hh12 cells.
Biochem/physiol Actions Cyclopamine is a Hedgehog signaling pathway inhibitor; inhibits the growth of medulloblastoma cells.
Solubility 10 mg/mL warmed (24.29 mM) in DMF
2 mg/mL warmed (4.85 mM) in Ethanol
Cyclopamine inhibits the Hedgehog signaling pathway with an IC50 of 46 nM, and blocks the activity of human Smo receptor expressed in CHO-K1 cells in [3H]Hh-Ag binding assay with an IC50 of 280 nM. Cyclopamine significantly inhibits Hedgehog pathway activity in a dose-dependent manner in gut-derived tumor cell lines expressing Patched (PTCH) mRNA, and induces growth inhibition of those tumor cell lines by 75-95% at the concentration of 3 μM, but ineffective towards the colon tumor cells without PTCH mRNA expression, suggesting the effects of Cyclopamine treatment are Hedgehog pathway related rather than generally cytotoxic. By blocking Hedgehog signaling through direct interaction with Smo, Cyclopamine (10 μM) inhibits the proliferation of SMOhigh Cyclopamine-responsive cell lines L3.6sl and Panc 05.04 by 75-80%, and increases the apoptosis by 2.5- to 3.5-fold, without affecting the BxPC3-SMOlow cell line. Cyclopamine treatment significantly decreases of Snail mRNA and increasea E-cadherin transcripts in the E3LZ10.7 cell line. Independent of inhibition of cell growth, Cyclopamine treatment significantly inhibits the invasive phenotype of Hedgehog-dependent L3.6pl cells, causing a >500-fold reduction in the number of transmigrating cells, but not that of the Hedgehog-independent cell line Panc-1.