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Brefeldin A, >99%

  • CAS NO : 20350-15-6
  • Formula : C16H24O4
  • MW : 280.36
  • Purity : >99%
Collapse Store at -20℃
Cat No Size Price
BC011-010 10 mg $ 125.00 Add to cart
BC011-025 25 mg $ 185.00 Add to cart
BC011-050 50 mg $ 285.00 Add to cart
IC50 0.2 μM
Targets ATPase
Solubility 4 mg/mL (14.26 mM) in DMSO
Other Name Decumbin, Ascotoxin, Cyanein, Nectrolide, Synergisidin, BFA

Brefeldin A (BFA) is a fungal metabolite which disrupts the structure and function of the Golgi apparatus. BFA is an activator of the sphingomyelin cycle. Brefeldin A-mediated apoptosis has been observed in human tumor cells.

Brefeldin A has been shown to increase CRISPR-mediated homology-directed repair (HDR) efficiency.