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Bexarotene, Free acid, >99% , BC005

  • CAS NO : 153559-49-0
  • Formula : C24H28O2
  • MW : 348.48
  • Purity : >99%
Collapse Store at -20℃
Cat No Size Price
BC005-100 100 mg $ 118.00 Add to cart
BC005-500 500 mg $ 210.00 Add to cart
BC005-101 1 g $ 285.00 Add to cart
Solubility 8 mg/mL (22.98 mM) in DMSO
Other Name Targretin, Targretyn, Targrexin , LGD-1069 , LG 1069 , LG100069 , SR-11247
Bexarotene is a highly selective retinoid X receptor (RXR) agonist. It is an antineoplastic agent, already approved as an oral antineoplastic agent for cutaneous T cell lymphoma and being investigated against other cancers. A study has found that bexarotene in a mouse Alzheimer′s model lowered the most toxic form of β-amyloid peptide and increased cognitive ability. The activity in the mouse Alzheimer′s models are believed to be by activating PPARγ:RXR and LXR:RXR dimers which induces the expression of apoE and facilitates Aβ clearance and promotes microglial phagocytosis.