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DNA Electrophoresis Reagent

Agarose 3:1 , A0226

  • High Gel Strength
  • Blended High Resolution Agarose
  • Fine/Small Fragment Electrophoreisis
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Agarose 3:1 Agarose is a molecular biology grade, standard melting temperature agarose that yields strong gels for fine resolution of small DNA, RNA, and PCR products ≤ 1 kb. Agarose 3:1 Agarose is designed for analytical electrophoresis rather than in gel reactions or downstream applications. These easy-to-handle gels enhance the speed of gel processing and blotting. Performance testing of Agarose  3:1 Agarose ensures fine resolution of DNA fragments up to 1,000 bp, though this agarose is capable of finely resolving DNA fragments ranging from 10 bp up to 1,500 bp.