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DNA Electrophoresis Reagent

Agarose, Sepro , A0224

  • DNA/RNA Separation
  • Excellent for all Blotting Application
  • Low Background of Staining Agents
  • Excellent for DNA Typing
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Gelling Temp 36°C+1.5°C.
Moisture < 10%
Sulfate <0.15%
Gel Strength(1% g/cm2) 1,200
Application DNA Electrophoresis
Agarose, Sepro from GenDEPOT is a high quality molecular biology grade Agarose suitable for analytical and preparative electrophoresis of nucleic acid. Nucleic acid seperation with Agarose, Sepro is between 0.2-15 Kbp depending on the concentration of Agarose. Agarose, Sepro is a new texture with a faster dissolving time than other standard Agarose LE. Nucleic acid fragments separated with 

Agarose, Sepro can be blotted to nylon or nitro-cellulose membranes by all standard blotting techniques. Detection with nonradioactive probes,e.g. digoxigenin(DIG)-labeled nucleid acids, does not interfere with the use of Agarose, Sepro.

Agarose, Sepro is tested for preparative electrophoresis and isolation of DNA fragments. However, we recommend also our low melting Agarose that is optimized for these application.