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DNA Electrophoresis Reagent

HiQ Low Melting Agarose, A0223

  • Ideal for Analysis of DNA and RNA
  • Ideal for Recovery of DNA and RNA
  • Better Handling and Less Breakage
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Melting Point ≤65.5°C
Gelling Temperature 24-28°C
Separation Range 100 bp to >30 kb
Application Electrophoresis of DNA fragments ≥1000 bp
Analysis and recovery of large DNA fragments for further applications
In-Gel enzymatic processing (digestion, ligation, PCR)
Low Melting Agarose is a low melting temperature agarose with the highest resolving capacity for large DNA fragments, including PCR products. Low melting temperature allows for the recovery of undamaged nucleic acids below denaturation temperature. Low gelling temperature ensures In-Gel applications can be performed in remelted agarose, avoiding difficult DNA extraction steps.

Low Melting Agarose is ideal for digestion by agarose enzymes, which makes it very easy to recover large DNA fragments suitable for cloning or enzymatic processing.