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DNA Electrophoresis Reagent

HiQ Standard Agarose , A0222

  • Low EEO
  • Enhanced Resolution and Clarity
  • Reduced Background
  • High Hysteresis
  • DNase and RNase Free
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Cat No Size Price
A0222-020 200g $ 132.00 Add to cart
A0222-050 500g $ 275.00 Add to cart
Gelling Temp 36°C+1.5°C.
Moisture < 10%
Sulfate <0.15%
EEO (-Mr)> 0.09-0.13
Gel Strength(1% g/cm2) 1,200
Application DNA Electrophoresis
GenDEPOT's HiQ Standard Agarose is ideal for routine analysis of nucleic acids by gel electrophoresis and blotting and is also suitable for protein radial immunodiffusion( RID ). 

This molecular biology grade agarose has no detectable DNase or RNase activity and forms strong gels with low background upon ethidium bromide, SYBR green staining. Due to its low EEO, DNA will have a high electrophoretic mobility. It provides more clarity and gel strength as well as reduced background. 

Nucleic acid seperation with Hi Q Standard Agarose is between 0.2-20kb depending on the concentration of Agarose